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About Us
Welcome to Stop!, a project of the tenants of the Norwood Apartments in Washington, DC.  After living with persistent problems in our building, many tenants of this Logan Circle neighborhood apartment have become better experts than the "experts" on bedbugs.  

We have shared our stories with dozens of DC tenants, and now we plan to bring this information online, in one place here at Stop!  

Simplifying The Problem
One big reason that it is so difficult to deal with Bedbugs is because people are overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of the insects and how to eradicate them.  While there are several steps in dealing with the problem, it is possible do the exterminations yourself if your landlord doesn't understand the problem.  If you have bebugs TODAY, there are simple steps you can do to make sure you aren't attacked by the bugs TONIGHT.

Getting Results
We will provide step-by-step instructions, success stories, video, news and links to help link visitors to the community of concerned bedbug warriors.  Victory over bedbugs will require cooperation with your neighbors and landlord, and continued vigilance.  Learning about the issues is the first important step!

Staying Connected
Stay in the loop on new developments in your city, your neighborhood and eventually across the nation, as we bring together the latest and most accurate information in once place.

Get Involved!
Find out how you can get your neighborhood wise to the growing bedbug epidemic; don't let your neighbors unknowingly provide a safe haven for bedbugs!

Speak Up!
Stop! will provide a platform telling elected officials to make legislation that will fight bedbugs utilizing new and exisiting resources throughout the community.  We will demystify, simplify, and remove the stigma from the problem while advocating for concrete action NOW.

Community Involvement
Stop! will bring community leaders and business owners together to address the bedbug problem on the front lines.  By providing training and informational materials to participating hardware stores, Stop! will give consumers the confidence they need to successfully "Do It Themselves."